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Office Cleaning

If there's one thing that all staff can agree on, it's that no-one really wants to take responsibility for cleaning the office – they'd rather be getting on with their jobs. So forget about stern talks with Anna from reception about why the carpet needs vacuuming and keep the peace with regular visits from our team of experienced commercial cleaners.

Before our commercial cleaning team make your office squeaky clean, we get to know you and your Tauranga premises. We visit your office and identify any hot spots that urgently need doing. We put together a plan showing how your premises would benefit from daily or weekly attention then our commercial cleaners make it happen. It really is that simple.

Our clients know that if they're not 100% happy with the job we've done, they can call us and we'll put it right, on the same day. There's a reason we're still in demand as commercial cleaners after so many years - because we genuinely care about our clients and take real, honest pride in our work.

Our services for commercially cleaning your office include:

  • Dusting: We will dust all horizontal surfaces, fixtures and fittings, including light fittings and behind those pot plants.
  • Bathrooms: The one room no-one likes to clean in the office. We’ll take care of sanitising, deep cleaning, odour control, managing sanitary waste and refilling consumables like paper towels and toilet paper.
  • Rubbish disposal: Always one of the most argued over tasks in the office, our commercial cleaning team can dispose of your office waste on a daily or weekly basis, or as required.
  • Vacuuming: Stop arguing with staff over whose job it is to vacuum the foyer. Our team can do it every day, or less frequently if that’s what suits you.
  • Glass surfaces: Surely the bane of every office environment. Whether it’s doors, mirrors, surfaces or internal partitions, our commercial cleaning team will have it sparkling when you walk back in the door.
  • Mopping: Kitchen floors, bathroom floors, polished surfaces - if it’s not carpet then it needs mopping. We can mop daily using hot, dry or damp mops as per your preference.
  • Kitchens: Definitely a high traffic area in any office! We can deep clean your office kitchen on a regular basis, and our commercial cleaners are familiar with many features of large office kitchens including industrial ovens or commercial sterilisers.
  • Day service: If an overnight clean isn’t enough, consider our day service. We can send our commercial cleaners around in the early morning or throughout the day to ensure that your office is presentable when it matters most.