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Commercial Cleaning

There’s no denying that commercial cleaning takes a bit more grunt than a normal household clean. We’re talking high traffic areas, tens (if not hundreds) of hundreds of pairs of feet passing through, and the demands of near-constant use. It’s enough to make any cleaner toss aside their Spray ‘n Wipe and walk away – but that’s exactly the sort of job our commercial cleaning team specialise in. We don’t just send in our team of commercial cleaners and hope that you’ll like the outcome. Instead, we take the time to get to know you and your Tauranga premises. We visit your premises and identify any hot spots that urgently need doing. We put together a plan showing how your premises would benefit from daily or weekly attention then we make it happen. It really is that simple.

Our commercial cleaning services in the Bay of Plenty include:

  • Commercial cleaning: Daily or weekly cleans of offices, medical centres, schools or any commercial premises, done to an exceptional standard at a time that best suits you.
  • Office cleaning: Whether there’s three, 33 or 330 staff, we can take care of your office cleaning needs so you don’t have to. No more asking Steve in accounts to mop the floors – our team of commercial cleaners can take care of that on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Rubbish removal: We can organise for your rubbish to be bagged up, collected and taken away to the nearest landfill facility, meaning you don’t have piles of stinky rubbish accumulating out the back of your commercial premises.
  • Exterior office cleaning: Take care of the exterior of your premises before your customers or clients tell you that you need to. If we can’t service it ourselves, we’ll organise someone who can.
  • Carpet cleaning: Being a high traffic area, carpets tend to cop a lot of abuse in commercial premises. Our commercial cleaning team are well connected and can put you in touch with an excellent carpet cleaning team.
  • Taking care of the small touches: Just because we’re commercial cleaners doesn’t mean we don’t take care of the small touches. Need non-allergenic cleaning products? No problem. Or maybe you need every single desk in your school wiped down, every single day? We can do that too.